Expected results

The results expected from the development and completion of the “Clash Oil” project are of double importance:

Advantages for the environment

- the synthetic oils will be completely replaced by 70-100% degradable bio-lubricants (approx. 4000 litres/year).
- less CO2 produced (1150-670 kg/Mg less lubricant)
- reduced gas emissions (-20%).
- lower oil consumption (60 litres less per transmission).
- use of renewable sources for the production of bio-lubricants.
- less pollution and safer oils.
- protection of the soil and water from accidental spills and leaks.

Technical advantages

- efficient operation
- longer lubricant life (+20%)
- improved protection against corrosion during storage
- the right viscosity values during flushing
- energy recovered from the transmissions as they are flushed
- less lubricant lost